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The mascara that you enjoy today is not the mascara that was used during the ancient times.  It was in ancient Egypt that has this documentation of its creation and use. In the western culture, it was during the Victorian era that had tried to invent and come up with a mixture that will be applied to their eyelashes. Until nineteenth century when a chemist had developed a type of cosmetic that was been improved and is now known to be mascara.

Aside from the great look that it will give you, do you have any other facts about mascara? More and more women out there all cares about the volume that it will give. Sometimes even the basic ones were not ever known. That is why here are some facts that you may have not known with mascara:

  1. It was made with coal dust, petroleum jelly and fish scales – The ancient people have tried to come up with the mixture of things that can just be found in their house.  A chemist has come up with a mixture that has both coal dust and petroleum jelly. And by then, as the years go by, the creation of this cosmetic have taken it to the next level. The ingredient guanine is the one that makes the mascara to shine. This guanine is from fish scales.
  2. It has the shortest lifespan among the cosmetic products – It is recommended that you throw out your mascara after three months. If you are attending our classes, you will know the span of use for these cosmetics.
  3. Don’t sleep with your mascara – You really don’t want to dry and break up your eyelashes, right? So it is good that you need to take it off before you sleep.  It is just like what the hair specialist would advise about the hairstyles. You need to take it off the things you did to your hair before you sleep.
  4. Every day is a no no – Just like what will probably a beauty school will teach you, it is not that good to wear mascara everyday especially the waterproof type. Wearing it can cause harm to your eyelashes. 
  5. Taking care of its tube – It is commonly a big problem for those who are really fond of using this cosmetic. One reason why your mascara gets flakey and clumpy is because of pumping in and out of the wand in the tube. This pushes the air inside that dries out the cosmetic. To avoid it, twist the wand gently in circular motions.

These are just few of the things that you may not have known about mascara. Although it was just the basic ones but it still counts most especially if you really want to stay beautiful. Another beauty tip, it will be great if you will have time to know more about that product before you use it.  If you really want to learn more about cosmetics, it will be great for you to attend the our makeup classes.

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