Makeup Artistry in 2021: Sanitation, Social Media and Connections

Expect the unexpected.  Isn’t that what 2020 taught us? Pivoting your behaviors and routines has become something we’re all working through lately, and in the professional world of Makeup Artistry, it’s no different. However, many of the important lessons from the last 12 months are actually good practices many artists have been doing all along.  […]

Breaking into Editorial as a new MUA: Collaboration is KEY

The leaders, the creators, the influencers… the editorial artists. Mixing technique and skill with artistry and vision is what creates editorial artists, and they rarely work in a vacuum. Editorial work is largely part of being a team… creating an editorial piece that speaks to the world of fashion, beauty and culture as a whole. […]

The Bridal Makeup Artist Advantage

Want to be a professional makeup artist? Specializing in weddings is a great way for a new MUA to get a business growing… and with most weddings held on weekends, it’s the perfect way to keep your Monday – Friday job when you’re just starting out.

Let’s Do It: First Steps To Become A Makeup Artist

Let’s Do It: First Steps To Become A Makeup Artist Many girls still in their teens discover secrets of makeup and learn to create unique images on their face with the help of cosmetics. Sometimes such a passion turns into a makeup artist profession, which is inextricably linked with dreams of becoming world-famous, working with […]

Congrats, You Graduated From The Makeup School, NOW WHAT?

You graduated from the makeup school, NOW WHAT? The time has come – you’re graduating from makeup school! This is an exciting time as you are preparing for the next step in your career journey. You’ve spent countless hours learning the tricks of the trade and perfecting your craft; congratulations are in order!   You’ve […]

What It Means To Work As A Makeup Artist

What it means to work as a makeup artist Makeup artists seem to live the ultimate glamorous and glitzy life. With opportunities to travel all over the world, work backstage on models who walk the runway, apply makeup on the faces of famous celebrities and many more, becoming a professional makeup artist seems relatively easy […]

New York-Inspired Photo Shoot at Nina Mua

New York-Inspired Photo Shoot at Nina Mua Fueling anyone’s inner passion is one of our goals. If we are able to help, we would love to take the challenge! Hence, the New York-Inspired Photo Shoot at Nina Mua for our March event. This was held not only to gather a sweet group of aspiring makeup […]

July 4th, 2018 Event Recap at Nina Mua

July 4th, 2018 Event Recap at Nina Mua Flashback Friday is here! Let’s do a little recap of our 4th of July event held last June 29 at the Nina Mua studio with none other than Lauren Whitworth. We celebrated a great American holiday with a British twist! We also partnered with our friends from […]

Fields You Can Work In As A Makeup Artist

Fields You Can Work In As A Makeup Artist So you’ve finally graduated from makeup school, and maybe you’re feeling a little lost in what you want to specialize in. It’s not true that you can only do one specific type of makeup, there are many fields that are in need of your skills. Have […]

5 Reasons To Trust Your Makeup Artist

5 Reasons To Trust Your Makeup Artist Whether you’re attending an important event or simply looking for a better way to apply a flawless application, there’s no doubt that a professional makeup artist knows all the tips and tricks to help you look your best. While handing over the reins to your makeup artist may […]