Congrats, You Graduated From The Makeup School, NOW WHAT?

  1. Build your name and reputation
  2. Volunteer your time
  3. Network, network, network!
  4. Practice make perfect

Building your name and reputation

In order to get clients, you will need to start making a name for yourself. This includes having your own website and working on marketing yourself, whether in-person or on social media. This is also how potential clients can contact you and view your work before they decide to book you. Carrying out the first stages for any up-and-coming makeup artist is no easy task. There is a lot of time and energy spent on creating a strong customer base, and social media is a relatively low-cost and easy way to increase your social presence. Showcase your talent and the bookings will come faster than expected!

Besides having a website where clients can reach you, you may also want to start a blog. People value information, and this can be a way to teach others and demonstrate your expertise in makeup. By adding content to your website and updating it consistently, the higher Google will rank your site, making it easier for you to be the top choice when potential clients are searching for services. Your website also becomes your online portfolio.

Volunteer your time

Right after graduation, doing volunteer work has its advantages. You can network and practice your skills at the same time! You can contact local theater groups and event planning organizations and offer your service. Even though you will most likely not be paid, you can use it to build your portfolio and build your client base. If you are working at an even, you may even receive credit for your work, attracting even more people to your brand.

Network, network, network!

No matter how successful you are, it’s always a good idea to rub elbows with industry professionals! You can start by finding a mentor, someone you know that already has experience in the beauty industry. This can be your makeup school instructor or someone you recently met through social media or a beauty event. Do not hesitate to reach out to them; they will probably be flattered that you approached them! Offer to assist them, even if you will not be paid for your time. Your mentor will be able to guide you and give you valuable advice and experience that will be worth it. Your mentor may be able to introduce you to new people, which could potentially lead to more work in the future. If possible, you should attend industry events and beauty shows for great networking opportunities. Remember to hand out your business card!

You should also make sure to make connections with your fellow classmates. You will be able to build your professional circle, or just have friends to bounce creative ideas off of. It can be helpful to know people that are going through the same transitions as you.

If you are not sure of what field you want to work in, check out our blog to help you choose!

Practice makes perfect

Just like networking, there is no limit to how much time you spend practicing and polishing your skills. There are only so many hours spent in the classroom, which is why it is important to work on your craft outside of school. The only way to master the skills you’ve learned is by using them over and over again. Take every opportunity to sharpen your skills and make it a part of your everyday routine. Graduating is only the first step in your career and practicing will only take you further.  A way to practice is by working at a makeup counter at a department store. Because of the heavy foot traffic, you’ll get the chance to work on all kinds of skin types, ages, and shades. It will also help with fine-tuning customer service skills. Customer service is a important aspect of any service, and you’ll be able to provide the best experience for your client.

At Nina Mua, we want to see our students thrive and become successful both inside the classroom and out. Just because you’ve graduated does not mean that our support stops. We want to help you in your career. We offer a closed Facebook group where we notify our students and graduates of career opportunities. We also offer graduates discounts for various makeup brands and website to help build your kit. We also look forward to starting this journey with you!


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Professional Hairstyling Kit

  • Black Tote Bag
  • Notebook
  • Black Elastic Bands – 250 Pack
  • 3.5″ Brown Small Hair Donut
  • 1.75″ Black Hair Pin – 100/Card
  • Black Heat Safe Gloves
  • 2″ Black Bob Pin – 60/Card
  • Double Prong Slide/Curl Clip – 80 Pack
  • Duckbill Clips – 12 Pack
  • Black Ponytails – 12 Pack
  • 4.5″ Gator Clips – 6 Pack
  • 3 Row teasing Brush w/Tail
  • 100% Boar Med Firm 5 Row
  • Styling Brush
  • Aqua Cushion Brush
  • 9.25″ Carbon Rat Tail Comb
  • Clipper-mate Hard Rubber
  • 816cm Comb
  • Bone/Black Shampoo Comb
  • 1.75″ Elite Ceramic Round Brush
  • Wig Block Holder
  • Fromm Flat Iron
  • 1″ Ceramic Curling Wand
  • 3/4″ Hot Tools Spring
  • Curling Iron
  • Blowdryer
  • Eva Brown Human Hair
  • Mannequin

Professional Makeup Kit

  • Makeup Forever HD Skin Undetectable Longwear Foundation – 4 Shades
  • Makeup Forever Full Cover Extreme Cream Concealer – 3 Shades
  • Makeup Forever Brow Gel
  • Makeup Forever Step 1 Hydrating Primer
  • Makeup Forever Lash Arresting Volume Mascara
  • Inglot Translucent Loose Powder
  • Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel 77
  • Inglot Duraline
  • Lorac Pro Palette – 25 Shade Lip Palette
  • Imagic Camouflage Cream Palette
  • BH Classic Blush – 10 Color Palette
  • LA Girl Contour Palette – 2 palettes
  • 24-Piece Set: Professional Makeup Brush Kit
  • Metal Plate with Spatula
  • Inglot Makeup Brush 31T
  • Zuca Artist Backpack
  • Ardel Demi Whispies Strip Lash
  • Individual Lashes – Small, Medium and Large
  • Duo Lash Glue
  • Waterproof Makeup Remover
  • Micellar Water
  • Carmex Lip Balm

Sanitation Class and Certificate


Sanitation Standards online training teaches sanitation at a health-grade level. A health grade level means we mirror protocols that hospitals use to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, and blood-borne pathogens. This training supersedes any state mandates or cosmetology licensing. Unlike most sanitation programs or protocols, the training was created in partnership with a microbiologist. Microbiologists study microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi, and some types of parasites. They try to understand how these organisms live, grow, and interact with their environments. The training was designed for all learning styles, with interactions and videos as content delivery compositions.




*Digital Certification Badge—After successfully completing the training and the course feedback, your customized digital badge will be available once you exit the training.

*Certificate of Completion and Prestige Pin – Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and Prestige Pin.

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From the basics to advanced techniques, insider secrets, importance of the consultation, expert techniques, insider tips, and how to market your services to brides and others.

Please note: Photos sitewide reflect student work from their in-class photoshoot(s).


From the basics to advanced techniques, insider secrets, importance of the consultation, expert techniques, insider tips, and how to market your services to brides and others.

Please note: Photos sitewide reflect student work from their in-class photoshoot(s).

The Scenes

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As part of our student’s curriculum, they participate in portfolio photoshoots working with professional models to showcase their makeup! If you are selected to join us, you will get 2-3 looks and 4-6 retouched photos and lunch is provided! These opportunities are unpaid, however, you will network with photographers, artist and other models and have a great experience on campus with us! Looks are at the discretion of our artists based on what they are looking to add to their portfolios. You will be on campus from 8:30 – 3 for a typical shoot and we have both weekday and weekend shoot dates.

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