Expect the unexpected.  Isn’t that what 2020 taught us? Pivoting your behaviors and routines has become something we’re all working through lately, and in the professional world of Makeup Artistry, it’s no different.

However, many of the important lessons from the last 12 months are actually good practices many artists have been doing all along.  Professional MUA and The Makeup Academy NYC instructor Johanna Adams says, yes, good sanitation practice is important now, but it always has been.

”Yes! Sanitation has always been important, but unfortunately many artists didn’t understand quite how important it really is.” says Johannah. “I think the pandemic has helped people understand more about communicable diseases and how they move from person to person. It has helped understand that being clean and safe is of utmost importance. This phase of more awareness isn’t just about Covid, but all the infection opportunities that makeup application has.”

One of the most important things you learn at The Makeup Academy NYC by Nina Mua is proper sanitation of your workspace and tools. Before you begin in-class instruction, you’ll have access to our on-line sanitation certification course. When you begin your hands-on instruction, we’ll provide your a full sanitation kit along with your makeup kit to ensure you start off providing the safety possible services to your clients. Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a sanitation certification that you show to future clients and collaborators to ensure. you have received the training needed to be hygienically safe in today’s environment.

Another lesson 2020 taught us reliance. The arts took. a hit in 2020. What was deemed as non-essential, took. a back seat. Broadway went dark, photo shoots slowed, film production crawled at a slow pace. But what didn’t slow down is creativity. MUA’s around the world took this time to create. To re-invent. To try new techniques. Sometime those looks were on themselves, sometimes on family. But whatever they had to do, it spawned a new season of creativity.

“We have the benefit of social media and technology during these times where human contact is a bit more complicated. Though, doing makeup on one’s self isn’t the same as doing it on others, it still is a great opportunity to practice techniques and to exercise the creative muscles, to have fun, be creative and to show your audience what you have to offer as an artist. Social media is another opportunity to build your network, build new professional relationships and make important connections. It also is a great platform to connect with your audience by going live with demo’s, Q&A’s and anything where people can feel connected with you and your work as an artist.

With less opportunities for large scale productions, many artists have been relying on smaller collaborations to work. This only comes with connections. the more people you know the more opportunities are available.

3. With social distancing and less big production projects underway, artists are collaborating in smaller groups (maybe 1 photographer, model and artist). How important is developing personal connection via social media in today’s world? Tips to strengthen those connections?

Creating work and collaborations is still possible, we just need to be more careful. Social media is an extremely important tool for building your network. Your network is THE most important, much more so than just lots of followers. This time is a great time to do that network building. Sitting down and researching photographers, models, hairstylists and stylists etc in your local network, following them and making a connection. Introductions and communication about possible projects/collaborations. This will be the most important part of building your career – continually building connections and relationships.

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