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545 8th Ave, Ste 1015, NYC   |   (332) 334-8848

Private Makeup or Hairstyling Class

Private Makeup Classes in NYC

Are you a beginner looking for a fun way to learn about makeup or hairstyling? Are you a professional makeup artist looking to brush up on your skills, learn a new technique, or perhaps add specific hairstyling skills to your resume? Then, our private makeup classes in New York City are the perfect fit for you!

Not only are these 3-hour-long in-person makeup classes highly tailored to your specific makeup and hairstyling needs, but they’ll also grant you quality one-on-one time with one of our teachers. Plus, we’ll provide you with all the necessary products and tools for your class (free of charge!) and the possibility of a model to practice on (with a $50 fee).

The reality of your dreams coming true are just moments away once you master the skills you need in our makeup artist private course. Don’t wait to enhance your personal development any longer!

Is Our Makeup Artist Private Course Right for You?

At The Makeup Academy, it’s our goal to help as many aspiring and accomplished makeup artists achieve their goals as possible. That’s why we design courses with artists with varying levels of experience in mind. Our private makeup classes in New York City is right for you if you are seeking to:

Introduction to Makeup in NYC

No matter if you’ve been watching makeup tutorials online or practicing on your friends for years or only a few months, you may be looking to receive a professional introduction to makeup. Well, we have you covered! Our personal makeup courses will be customized according to your needs. Whether you’re searching for premier makeup classes for beginners to enhance your personal makeup application or you want to participate in makeup artist training to advance your career, our private sessions are exactly what you want.


Everyone needs to start somewhere — why not start your makeup career off with a bang by signing up for private makeup classes at our New York City, NYC, or Philadelphia, PA, school? These MUA training sessions will focus on the skills you need most to build a firm foundation for the rest of your makeup education classes. Your professional instructor will provide one-on-one attention, so you can ask all the questions you have burning in your chest while also receiving immediate feedback and advice. Once you complete this makeup program for beginners, you could enroll in our Master MUA classes or register for more private makeup lessons until you feel confident enough to take the next step in your career.


Our private makeup classes in New York City, NYC, are not just for aspiring or professional makeup artists; they’re for every person wanting to add a little spice and sparkle to their personal makeup routine. During the private makeup lessons, your instructor will show you how to perfect contouring, strobing, the smokey eye, Cupid’s bow, and everything in between. Just let your instructor know what you would like to learn, and they’ll design the perfect personal makeup course for you. Our private makeup classes make for the perfect gift for makeup lovers, as well as fun activities for bachelorette parties and friend groups. Simply schedule the makeup private lessons 1-3 weeks in advance (depending on our availability), and our professional instructors will handle the planning.

Get Personalized Instruction With One-on-One Makeup Classes in NYC

While the internet has made it possible to watch dozens of makeup tutorials, nothing beats personalized makeup education classes. Watching a video is not the same as actually doing the work! Through our one-on-one makeup classes, you’ll be able to practice the techniques you’re taught and receive immediate feedback from a seasoned professional. You don’t have to guess if you’re doing things right or wonder why something isn’t turning out the way you envisioned. In these makeup private lessons, you’ll know right away if you need to reposition your hand, use a lighter touch, or apply a different color. Whether you’re interested in private makeup classes for beginners or personalized makeup artist training to learn a new skill, our one-on-one makeup lessons could be precisely what you’re looking for. These lessons can be customized to your specific makeup needs — no matter if that’s learning the basics of applying foundation or the advanced skills of doing period makeup. We strive to have every one of our programs prepare you for a variety of MUA industries, so just let us know what you would like to learn, and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

  • Make your purchase below on the website, or in person at our studio.

  • Complete the necessary registration form to provide details about yourself and your goals for your private session.

  • We will review the information and coordinate with our instructors to coordinate availability and will be in touch with a schedule!

  • We look forward to working with you!

  • 3 hour-long private session

  • Quality one-on-one time with our professional instructors.

  • Highly tailored to your specific makeup and hairstyling needs.

  • Products/tools for your session.

  • Model for you to practice on, if needed.

  • The busy woman looking to learn about makeup

  • Gal-pals looking to glam up their girls’ trip to NYC

  • Those hunting for that perfect gift to give their makeup-obsessed friend

  • Makeup pro’s ready to add hairstyling skills to their resume

  • International pro makeup artists hungry to learn from NYC’s finest

  • Dates and times are requested upon registration and are typically scheduled 1-3 weeks from registration based on availability.

  • We are located at 545 8th Ave, Suite 1015 (10th Floor), New York, NY 10018

Experience the Benefits of Participating in Private MUA Training

Whether you want to improve your makeup skills for personal reasons or to enhance your career, you could see an exceptional change from participating in one-on-one makeup lessons from seasoned professionals. Here are just a few of the benefits you could experience by taking private makeup classes:

Receive Immediate and Personalized Guidance and Reassurance: Because it’s just you and your instructor in the class, you will receive undivided attention. They can give you feedback in the moment and encourage you when you’re feeling at your lowest. Your instructor will also be able to tailor her instructions and advice based on your learning style.

Experience New-Found Confidence: If you’ve done anyone else’s makeup before, you know how unnerving it can be. After taking a personal makeup class in New York City, NY, and experiencing hands-on training, you can feel confident knowing you have the education to support your decisions.

Refine Your Skills: Applying makeup is an art form and requires years of practice. Therefore, even if you’ve been a makeup artist for a while, you could always learn something new through professional training.

 Learn the Latest Trends: Beauty and makeup trends are constantly changing with new innovations and products. For this reason, makeup artists can benefit from continuing their education by attending in-person makeup classes in New York City, NY, from time to time. These professional makeup lessons can keep you up-to-date on new application methods and products.

Take Private Makeup Lessons at an International School of Makeup

Develop your personal and professional makeup skills in our private makeup classes in New York City, NYC, and Philadelphia, PA. The instructors from our school, licensed by NYSED, can help you become a better makeup artist and assist you with your MUA portfolio building. You’ll be able to learn with students from New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Milan, and beyond as you enhance your techniques.

If you’re interested in private sessions, contact our team today to enroll at our premier MUA school or schedule a campus visit/tour at our New York City Makeup Academy campus or Philadelphia Makeup Academy campus. We invite you to dare to dream and learn more about our programs and academy:

There is no better way to feel the excitement of a graduation photoshoot, see our teachers as they complete a makeup demo in class, or get a real feel for the environment of our programs! Schedule a campus visit today! Learn more about our programs, see our makeup kit, meet the instructors and students, and tell us all about your makeup goals! We look forward to meeting you!


From the basics to advanced techniques, insider secrets, importance of the consultation, expert techniques, insider tips, and how to market your services to brides and others.

Please note: Photos sitewide reflect student work from their in-class photoshoot(s).


From the basics to advanced techniques, insider secrets, importance of the consultation, expert techniques, insider tips, and how to market your services to brides and others.

Please note: Photos sitewide reflect student work from their in-class photoshoot(s).

The Scenes

Classes are designed for stylists of all levels, and highlights quick and powerful ways to Jumpstart your makeup artist career.

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As part of our student’s curriculum, they participate in portfolio photoshoots working with professional models to showcase their makeup! If you are selected to join us, you will get 2-3 looks and 4-6 retouched photos and lunch is provided! These opportunities are unpaid, however, you will network with photographers, artist and other models and have a great experience on campus with us! Looks are at the discretion of our artists based on what they are looking to add to their portfolios. You will be on campus from 8:30 – 3 for a typical shoot and we have both weekday and weekend shoot dates.

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