“This is it.  This is my life’s work.” 

For Jack Thayer, like so many of us, finding a career he loves didn’t happen overnight.

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I started on a completely different path.” says Thayer.  “I went to school for Computer Science, but I never felt it was the right fit.”

After 2 years of coding and website building, he knew he had to make a change, and although he had always had an interest in beauty, fashion and design, making it a serious career choice took a bit longer.

“I was really intimidated by the thought of getting into this professionally.” says Thayer.  “I had so many preconceived notions about it, that it kept me from taking the first step.”

But after taking a few jobs just to pay the bills, he decided to sign up for a 1 week makeup course for beginners. From there, his perspective changed.

“It helped me realize I was missing so much passion in my life.” 

That experience left Jack hungry for more education and, most importantly, the desire to pursue makeup as a career. 

“I immediately began to research makeup schools in New York City.  Not having really ANY experience, I wanted to immerse myself in a program that taught everything.  The Makeup Academy NYC by Nina MUA was the perfect fit.”


For Jack, The Makeup Academy NYC by Nina MUA offered everything he was looking for.

“The location was amazing.  Everyday I felt the vibe and energy of the city.” says Thayer.

“But what made this experience life changing was the amazing instructors.”

All of The Makeup Academy NYC’s instructors are highly sought after, working, professional MUA’s in and around NYC.

“Not only did I learn technical skills but, most importantly, I learned how to build my portfolio, how to network, how to connect and collaborate with photographers and models.  It’s opened so many doors for me”

Jack graduated from the 5 week intensive program in October 2019. After participating as an artist in NY Fashion Week in February 2020 he knew he made the right choice.

“Even after graduation, the community The Makeup Academy NYC offers to its graduates keeps us all connected and aware of opportunities. I’ve worked on several photoshoots and collaborations through the relationships I gained at the school.”

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic slowing down and even cancelling large scale projects for major brands, it has provided the opportunity to work on smaller scale shoots, leading to big wins for Jack as an artist.

“After the lockdown, small groups of artists started to come together on projects. This summer one of my projects was not only published, but made the cover of GMARO Magazine.”


Despite the challenges 2020 presented, Jack says he is excited for the new year and the opportunities that await.

“I am currently continuing my education in skin care, while honing my skills as a makeup artist. Attending The Makeup Academy NYC was absolutely the best decision I could have ever made. We are a family.”

See more of Jack’s work below and follow him on Instagram! www.instagram.com/jacktmakeup

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