The Power Behind Your Social Media

Who would have ever predicted that social media in the beauty industry would boom into a $445 billion industry? With so many niche markets, social media is a vital tool to have in your arsenal to help propel your skills as a professional makeup artist. Not only is it the best way to build yourself, but it’s also the most inexpensive.

Social media, however, isn’t just an outlet for you to post without any substance. There are things to be considered such as your target audience, message, and your goals. For example, as a bridal makeup artist, you want to showcase more before and after photos and those that generally display more makeup looks that a bride would typically look for. So it’s also in your best interest to post these images in whichever platforms you are looking to be in. Here are some ways to increase your social media presence: 

Choose the right platform

With so many social media platforms available, making sure that you select the best one to showcase your work is your first step. Instagram is best for short-form content while still remaining visually appealing, while a platform such as Twitter is great for one-on-one engagement with your followers. These days, it is perfect for customer service because you can typically reply to any tweet, get a fast response, and be notified of it.

Another popular platform is Pinterest. It is a simple but effective way to help you increase awareness through posting images of your work. Creating boards to categorize your pins is helpful for a lot of users since it is easier to look for inspiration. Given that makeup is very visual, Pinterest and Instagram could be your best bet. But if other platforms work more effectively for you, go for it! Once you’ve chosen the platform, you’ll be ready to take the next step to grow your brand.

Reviews can make or break you

Online reviews are the modern-day version of “word of mouth”, so it’s easy to see why reviews are so important. When potential clients search for your brand, they want to see what an experience with you would be like. Having a 5 star rating builds your credibility and encourages others to leave reviews as well. The more reviews you have, the more reputable you are to clients, creating more opportunities for you!

Keep in mind that not everyone will leave a stellar review, but as long as you respond in a professional manner, this should not be a problem. Still be welcoming of the thought that you cannot please everyone, and this may be reflective in reviews they leave behind. Just put your best foot forward, always be positive, and keep going.

Be consistent

Having a regular stream of your work is crucial to growing the amount of followers you have. Most successful makeup artists post at least once day, although twice or 3 times is more effective. Keeping your content strictly about makeup and showing a different look with each post demonstrates your versatility and doesn’t present you as one-dimensional. It also gives you the chance to experiment with makeup! 

Do note that your amount of followers does not necessarily say so much about your success as a makeup artist. Some have very little followers but are booming in the business, and it could also work the other way around. 

Hashtags are your friends

Want to be discovered easily? Don’t forget the #hashtags! Including hashtags in your pictures and tagging makeup brands is an effortless way to get your name out there. Often, brands are looking for user-generated content to repost, which makes your job easier. Hashtags are also the perfect way to stay relevant in such a massive industry.

It is also an easy method for clients to discover you. Oftentimes, makeup artists use specific hashtags that match their location (e.g. #makeupartistnyc, #newyorkmakeupartist, #nycmua).


Building connections with creatives such as photographers, models and event planners allows more exposure and gives you a professional network that will last many years. Collaborating with other artists builds your portfolio and gives you content to use for marketing. This is a great way to demonstrate your abilities, and encourages others to reach out to you for new projects.

At Nina MUA, we offer our photo shoots in the Extensive 5-Week Program and Master Makeup Program. In this program, we book the professional models to lessen the hassle for you. This is a wonderful opportunity to build your portfolio and to add to your social media for content. It’s also a great experience which you can share on any of your platforms, should you want to post more behind the scenes of your artistry. 


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From the basics to advanced techniques, insider secrets, importance of the consultation, expert techniques, insider tips, and how to market your services to brides and others.

Please note: Photos sitewide reflect student work from their in-class photoshoot(s).


From the basics to advanced techniques, insider secrets, importance of the consultation, expert techniques, insider tips, and how to market your services to brides and others.

Please note: Photos sitewide reflect student work from their in-class photoshoot(s).

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