A wedding is the most precious event in every woman’s life and it is the time when she wants to look the best. In general, a lady may want to cut her cosmetic budget (though it is very unnatural for a woman), but she will probably not compromise with the wedding make up and will try to get all necessary things, irrespective of the cost! There are certain cosmetics that can be considered to be ‘must haves’ for the wedding makeup. These can be sorted in three groups. The first is the “complexion” or the cosmetics for the skin, the second is the “eye makeup” and the third one is the “lips” to highlight the lips.

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For the complexion:

In the complexion section, you must have the primer to set the stage for the makeup. A wedding is a rare occasion when you will need the makeup to stay fresh and wonderful as well as a “lit from within” type of effect. Then you will need the stick foundation as you can dab it where it is necessary. It will provide you with a natural but extraordinary look. The third item is the concealer. You will obviously need it to cover those that hinder your beauty. Only few are gifted with flawless skin and for the rest, a concealer does the job of hiding the flaws! The final touch to the face is given by a blusher. It will highlight the face as it is necessary for the wedding makeup. A few measured strokes at the right place will change the whole look of the bride.

For your eyes:

The eye makeup section starts with the eye shadow. You have to make sure what color of shadows will best suit your wedding dress. It is not necessary that the color should be as same as the dress; you can go for contrast colors to give a popping effect to the eyes. Next is the eye liner which you will need to define your eyes. Dual eye liners are available now to make the choice of colors easy and at the same time you can create a dramatic look with the help of more than one color. Mascara should give your skin the final touch. Your wedding look will be best attained with a thick yet attractive application of mascara.

For the lips:

Days are gone when lipsticks were the only thing necessary to define your lips. You will obviously need a primer for the lips so that the lip color stays for long. Apply the lip primer and then go for the final lip gloss. The color of the gloss must go with your wedding dress and the primer will make it stay fresh throughout the whole event!

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