A bun is the type of hair style that is women normally women wear, in which the hair is plaited, twisted, pulled back and finally wrapped in a circular coil around itself. A bun is worn typically at the neck or back of the head. In general, buns can either be secured by a hairpiece, a hair net or bobby pins. Women having very long hair often do not need and support to secure the bun. Unlike the ponytails, a bun is exclusively worn by women, but there are exceptions as well. 

Just like the ponytails, a bun is a hair style that is both formal as well as informal. A descent formal outfit can easily be paired with a plain and simple bun that is secured with black hair net. It will give you a prefect formal look. 

The question is whether a bun looks chic or lazy? Well, both are true! 

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The “chic” factor:

You can make a clean bun by making neat plaits and securing the whole thing with simple bobby pins. With this you have the cleanest formal look. This is extremely good for women having long hairs as it is a bit tough to manage long hairs in the formal environment. In India it is very common for the female college professors to wear their hair in a bun and this particular hair style identifies with the profession. What else is needed to make the hair do a real chic? It is fashionable as any type of buns can be decorated with accessories. You can wear a bun as the wedding hairdo and decorate it with the veil or decorative comb as well. Need to dress up for a cocktail party? Just go for a sleek and simple bun that is highlighted by a brooch and you will have the show-stopping hairdo.

The “lazy factor”

Is a bun a lazy hair style? Yes, it is! When you do not have much time to spend for your long hair, a bun is the most appropriate solution. You will just need some bobby pins to tie it up. The messy look of the buns is very much in fashion and it suits to all types of outfits. When you are busy with household works and your hair creates disturbance, just make a bun and use a few hair pins to secure the hair and you are free to jump around!

The only necessary thing for wearing a bun is to secure the hairdo, so that it does not fall loose and make you embarrassed. When you have the necessary accessories, you can go for it without much care!