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July 4th, 2018 Event Recap at Nina Mua

Flashback Friday is here! Let’s do a little recap of our 4th of July event held last June 29 at the Nina Mua studio with none other than Lauren Whitworth. We celebrated a great American holiday with a British twist! We also partnered with our friends from SkinLab to make this workshop possible.

The event was intended to invite the holiday spirit for Stars & Stripes Forever before the actual holiday. We aimed for blue, red, and white to be incorporated in the look but not to overwhelm any of our guests since these colors are bold and can be quite confusing to work with. Long story short, the event was a success!

Lauren worked on Marisa Roper, a driven and kind-hearted model to say the least. We went ahead and styled her Strawberry Blonde locks with some classic Victory Rolls before our guests started walking into the studio. We wanted to make sure that our focus would be on skincare and makeup altogether. This also gave us more time to discuss each skincare product we fully trust and use for students in our classrooms.

Skincare was a big topic on that night. Kimberly of SkinLab took the stage to tell everyone how important a clean canvas is; Model or not, if you wear makeup, it’s still the same rule for all of us. No matter how tired you are from your day, never go to bed without taking your makeup off; light or heavy, there is definitely no excuse. You may not see it with your naked eye but omitting this simple step can accumulate dirt on your face, which may give you larger pores or just damage your face in general.

Moving on to makeup, everybody was waiting for the makeup look Lauren had in store. As a tribute to the 4th of July, Lauren took out a sticker pack of stars to try out a new technique. She placed this in between Marisa’s outer corner and brow bone as a stencil. She blended the blue eyeshadow over it, hoping it would work. Voila! It did!

Here are some of the products that Lauren used…

For eyes:

For lips:

Another exciting thing were the goodies given away by our friends from SkinLab to all guests who attended, which included a face mask and a peel-off nose strip. There was also one winner of a big giveaway which consisted of their whole line from the first collection!

If you weren’t able to come to the 4th of July pre-celebration, don’t worry! They left behind more goodie bags for our walk-in guests during our regular office hours at Nina Mua (Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM), so come visit us when you get the chance. Holding such events keep us heart warm and seeing makeup lovers in one room keeps our hearts even warmer. Until our next event!

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