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Fields You Can Work In As A Makeup Artist

So you’ve finally graduated from makeup school, and maybe you’re feeling a little lost in what you want to specialize in. It’s not true that you can only do one specific type of makeup, there are many fields that are in need of your skills.

Have a look at the list below, and see which one sparks your interest. You have a world of opportunities coming your way! Some options include:

  1. Film and Television

  2. Runway

  3. Print

  4. Bridal

  5. Theater and Performance

  6. Freelance or Independent Artist

Don’t feel confined; you have plenty to choose from!

1. Film and Television

This includes being on the set of films, television shows and commercials. Even if actors do not need any special effects makeup (no aliens here!), makeup artists are still needed to help the director shape the appearance of the characters and make their vision a reality. Of course, reading the script thoroughly is crucial, as it is your duty to breathe life into a character and make them more three-dimensional.

In many cases, film and television require a natural but “enhanced” look, as filming in HD captures everything. If you also know how to style hair, then you’ve got a huge advantage. Most sets have separate artists for hair and makeup, but knowing both will make you more favorable for hire. You might even get to work with celebrities!

2. Runway

Do you have a love for fashion? If you do, then perhaps working in the fashion industry is your calling! Working as a runway makeup artist is fast-paced, but is also filled with fun. You will have the chance to showcase your skills on a variety of models with different skin tones and facial features.

Through hard work and showing a high level of professionalism, you may be able to work your way into becoming the key artist. If so, you may have the opportunity to design the makeup look. The runway looks tend to affect the trends for the upcoming seasons and you’ll be credited as a trend-setter!

3. Print

There are different fields under the umbrella of print. Similar to film and television, print advertisements and commercials go for a more subtle and natural look. In the case of shooting for fashion, because you would be selling a lifestyle or brand image, you’re also focusing on the mood and the feel of the brand/product itself. While working in print, you may be required to follow the direction of the director.

Working in print can be a very lucrative career path, and will also allow you to have opportunities to network with photographers, models and producers. You will be able to show off your makeup skills. Another plus to working in this field is that you get to have your work published in print or online.

4. Bridal

Many brides are in need of a professional makeup artist to help them achieve a stunning bridal look on their big day. The bridal party may also be in need of getting their makeup done. A career as a bridal makeup artist requires you to not only have the necessary skills in makeup application, but also the charm to work with stressed brides.

Although makeup artistry can be one of the many competitive fields with long irregular hours, it can be very rewarding. Word-of-mouth recommendations help to build up your clientele and each wedding that you work on adds to your professional portfolio. You might even get to become published if the bride submits her photographs to a bridal publication.

5. Theater and Performance

Stage and theater can cover anything from makeup used in actual stage performances to special effects makeup in movies. Local theaters and of course Broadway need theater artists. What would The Lion King be without the makeup artists!

One of the main responsibilities as a theatrical makeup artist is to maintain makeup during production to compensate for lighting changes. In addition to this, you may be required to do some background research on the production. For example, it may be a good idea to gather historical images that may help you with understanding any era in the past. Also, finding information and visual material on different countries and cultures will be beneficial. This research will help you to craft realistic depictions.

6. Freelance or Independent

If you dream of becoming your own boss, then pursuing a career as a freelance or independent artist may be just what you need! You can set your own schedule and make your own decisions on which jobs you want to or do not want to take on.

Freelancing involves a lot of work, especially when you are just beginning this journey. However, it can be a very liberating and rewarding career. You get to meet a lot of new people and remain social as a freelance artist. You may even get to travel, and often your travel costs will be reimbursed. Say hello to the world!

If you want to become a makeup artist but you still want to have some control, then you should consider freelancing.

Regardless of what industry you would like to work in, becoming certified and practicing your skills is the key to becoming successful. At Nina Mua, we offer several programs to help you begin your new career! Becoming a professional makeup artist may seem like a challenge, but we’ll help you get there in no time!

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