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5 Ways to Maximize Your Social Media Presence as a Makeup Artist

What is more visual than make-up? As a makeup artist, you know the importance of showcasing your work in the best way possible. Engaging a community of makeup lovers and potential clients is vital when trying to establish credibility and skill. 

We all know that every day, social media is taking over more and more! For business and freelance purposes, having your social media represent professionalism, talent and consistency is crucial for your image.

Here are 5 Ways to Maximize Your Social Media Presence as a Makeup Artist!

Keep Your Content Strictly About Makeup

It has always been said, don’t mix business with pleasure! I’m sure that your friend’s birthday party was a great time last night- but keep that for your personal page! When you want your account to represent you and your work-you want it to be the best. No less than that.

If your intended purpose is to gain clients and have a place to reference your work, your page should be just that. If people want to see makeup posts, give them makeup posts! I’m sure that’s why they’re following you.

Although you should keep your page strictly about makeup, there is no harm in having some fun! That can include posting a quote about beauty once in awhile that speaks to you. Or, including a question at the end of a post asking your followers about their favorite lipstick. Having an engaged online community boosts views and comments. It is always a good idea to encourage involvement and a little humor! Personality is important.

Post Before & After Pictures

Social media is extremely visual. When you work on a client, showing a before and after can do so much more than just showing the after picture. Showing a before and after picture tells a story and showcases your craft. Makeup is a physical transformation as well as an art and you want to make sure people can see what you can do.

Make sure to find a good light and keep both photos at the same angle. Having a neat and formal presentation of both photos is important for quality purposes. It will help if you also have a solid background. It will look clean and professional. By avoiding background distractions, you are making sure that the main focus of the photo is centered around your work! Side by side is best for comparison purposes.

Tag Makeup Brands in Your Photos and Use Hashtags

When you post a picture, tagging the makeup brands that you use is a great way to build your social media presence.  Many makeup brands look for quality content and repost pictures of customers using their products. Tagging makeup brands increases the likelihood that the makeup company will repost your picture and share it on their platform (which usually consists of millions of people!). Having even one company repost your picture can result in a huge spark of followers and of course potential clients. The more people that can see how talented you are, the better.

In addition, listing makeup details in the description can be just as helpful. It is similar to tagging the makeup brands but slightly different. Listing the makeup details will be easier for makeup brands to see exactly which products you used. 

For example, you used a bronzer from Becca Cosmetics on a client and listed it in the details. If Becca Cosmetics sees it and regrams it, they can add that you are using their bronzer for a gorgeous glow. It is a very common way for brands to build their online community and even collaborate and send makeup artists free products.

Also, using hashtags that can increase views is important. It is how people will find you! You can hashtag makeup brands, makeup techniques and essentially anything relevant to your account that can boost engagement and followers. 

Use Tools for Posting on Multiple Platforms

If you want to be consistent on social media, it is a great idea to have a plan on posting your content. There are tools that allow you to post on different social media accounts at the same time. Being on different social media platforms allows you to have more than one audience and extends the likelihood that more people will see your work.

If you want to be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at the same time and have consistent posts, it is important to make sure that you are organized. Online tools such as HootSuite or SproutSocial allow you to upload a post to multiple platforms at the same time.

These tools even allow you to auto-schedule posts ahead of time. This ensures that you are posting at the best times and that it will be consistent throughout all of your social media accounts.

Be Consistent and Genuine

Posting consistently is extremely crucial for your success. If you post great content and then ghost for a few weeks, you may lose followers and interest. There’s nothing worse than working hard then having the effort gone due to inconsistency! 

In the world of social media, there are many makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts. Be sure to remain true to yourself and your passion! Your goal as a makeup artist should not only to be good at what you do but also always work towards building lasting and meaningful relationships with clients. You want people to feel like they can trust and confide in you with their needs. Being genuine and professional will have your clients referring you to their friends! Always remember why you are doing what you do and remain true to what you believe in. People will see that and appreciate it.

These are just a few tips on how to use social media in the best way possible for your career! Remember to post quality photos, even if you just have your iPhone. You can always find good lighting and angles to make it as flattering as possible. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and have fun!

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From the basics to advanced techniques, insider secrets, importance of the consultation, expert techniques, insider tips, and how to market your services to brides and others.

Please note: Photos sitewide reflect student work from their in-class photoshoot(s).


From the basics to advanced techniques, insider secrets, importance of the consultation, expert techniques, insider tips, and how to market your services to brides and others.

Please note: Photos sitewide reflect student work from their in-class photoshoot(s).

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