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We all love makeup! As much as we all want to believe that we can live without it, today society has only proven time and time again that it is a fad which is going to be around for a long time. I wish I had someone tell me where to start when I wanted pursue makeup artistry. But lucky for all of us, you have so many resources out there to educate you on where to jump start your career in the field. 

PRACTICE!!!!!! The mantra in my school is, “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!” And it really does! Because what people fail to tell you is that you are not going to be able to get that perfect cat eye overnight. You could attend the best institution with the best instructors, supplied with the best makeup. But at the end of the day it is up to you to pave your path towards by repeating everything you’ve learned multiple times. When I say multiple times, I mean, practice on anyone and anything you can find. You need to train your hands to create the vision you have in your mind. You do this, the creative talent you are born with will soon not just be a talent, but a career as well. 

Makeup Artists are their very own entrepreneurs. So it is up to you where you start. It also depends on how well you have managed to represent your skill set through your portfolio. When I say this, know that it is your portfolio which most people will see before they hire you. As makeup artists you must have the capability to build your portfolio by simply hiring your own models. This is not always an expensive task. Majority of the models will work for credit. So will photographers. is a great resource for this. 

As much as I want to say we makeup artists are just simply born with the talent. A lot of it is nurtured through a proper education. It is very important that we start from the basics and learn the difference between skin tones and undertones. Once you combine your education, your talent and the skills you managed to perfect through constant practice, you will be unstoppable. 

Identifying and determining your level of understanding in makeup artistry is vital to your growth. It is important that you know that education like in all fields is important when it comes to makeup as well. If you are only watching YouTube tutorials, or not constantly practicing or even only doing the makeup on yourself. Know that you are far from being a makeup artist. But what I do advice is that all this is a clear indication that you love one thing, and that is makeup. Through education and dedication you can grow to be a truly amazing makeup artist. Know that, it is up to you to run as far as possible with the tools provided to you! 

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