I stared at my reflection for 15 minutes without even realizing it. It was a regular day at our studio here and I was getting ready to welcome a bonus class group. But do you have those days where you have an epiphany which only makes you realize something you’ve known all along? I was having one of those moments. I genuinely love makeup. Not because I believe we need it, but because it is something which we could use to empower ourselves any way we want to. Ancient women did it, using different trees and fruits to stain their lips and faces to get color. But where did we learn it all? I know in today’s age we have all this technology, we could access anything, anywhere. I mean look at you, you are reading my thoughts right now on a screen. We millennials have been spoiled with convenience. But truly, where did the craze begin?



Remember when we used to watch our moms put on those bright red lipsticks and we would just wait standing next to her hoping she would let us play with all those bright colors? I know I was anxious to get my hands on it. And then we would even pair it up with some heels which were too big for our tiny feet and a bag or clutch which is too big for us to even hold. Haven’t we all had those moments? I know I did, and I know my mom did with her own mom. The craze did not start when Kim Kardashian decided to contour her face or the Dita Von Teese put out her new makeup line. It started with our moms, and their moms, it dated back to generations and generations of women who put different things on their face to make themselves feel more attractive or follow a tradition. 


Today, I am not only a makeup artist but a teacher as well. I have the privilege to teach anyone how to empower themselves or others and I am constantly humbled by the opportunity. I get to take those moments I shared with my mother and turn it in to a career. When everyone asked me why teach, all I could think about was the moment I first put on lipstick as a little girl, and feeling really very beautiful. I have learned from some of the best in the business and now I am here to pass that knowledge on to many more. Beauty does come from within. I believe in that. But the ability to give confidence to that beauty and grow it is something a makeup artist can do. This was the prime goal I had in mind when I created our 5 Week Extensive Program. Because I wanted to share something more comprehensive with everyone out there. We are in the digital age where the demand for makeup artists are higher than ever. We have photographers and videographers who are in a constant need for makeup artists. There is a new line of products and tricks every day which we are expected to know. The 5 Week Program provides you with all the training you require and much more, 

The 5 Week Program includes, 

— Level 1 & 2 Beauty and Fashion

— 5 Hours a day in class hands on training 

— One on one attention from our experienced instructors 

— A class dedicated to marketing focusing on, 

— Two Photoshoots which will provide you with, 

— An amazing makeup kit jam packed with Make Up For Ever Products which we all professional makeup artists love and is considered one of the top brands in the industry. 


As you can see, the program was created to not just teach but to give you the experience upon graduation. I created this program with the sole purpose of making sure that we here do our best to give you everything needed to succeed. 

My first teacher was my mom. I know we all had that one figure who influenced our life in some way which brought us here to this precise moment we are living in now. I understand the responsibility I take when my team and I take on students who come to me and say they want to be makeup artists and I believe our programs reflect just that. I cannot wait to meet all of our potential students out there and to all those who are considering signing up for our 5 week program, it really is one of our best yet. 


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