STUDENT SPOTLIGHT! From Hong Kong to NYC – Joy Kawuma

Hong Kong.  One of the most significant financial hubs in the world. In this bright, bustling, busy place is where Joy Kawuma was born and raised. “Hong Kong is a wonderful place, but “success” is often measured by the size of your office, the quality of your suits, or your position in the financial sector.” […]

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT! Jack Thayer – 2019 Graduate

“This is it.  This is my life’s work.”  For Jack Thayer, like so many of us, finding a career he loves didn’t happen overnight. I started on a completely different path.” says Thayer.  “I went to school for Computer Science, but I never felt it was the right fit.” After 2 years of coding and […]

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT! Shahar Gerbi – Feb 2020 Grad

It’s 4:30pm in Israel.  And although Shahar Gerbi is halfway around the world, it’s clear; her heart is in NYC. “I had tears in my eyes when I boarded my flight home.” says Gerbi.  Faced with the growing COVID-19 pandemic, Shahar decided to leave New York in early March and return to Israel before the […]


I stared at my reflection for 15 minutes without even realizing it. It was a regular day at our studio here and I was getting ready to welcome a bonus class group. But do you have those days where you have an epiphany which only makes you realize something you’ve known all along? I was […]